Flute Lesson Description

At Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia, we offer weekly individual flute lesson to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 8 through high school and beyond. Flute lesson in Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia includes a balance of theory of music notes and rhythm, finger training, breathing techniques, embouchure, tonguing techniques, music reading and song playing appropriate to the student’s level and musical ability. Since Dream World Music Center’s flute lesson teachers are made out of passionate and enthusiastic flute teachers, the learning environment is fun, easy, enjoyable and effective.

Here is to give you some basic idea of what flute lesson is all about. In general, flute lesson is to cover all the fundamental elements of flute-playing foundation from beginner level to advance level. All the scopes of flute lesson and study are all described in detail in term of practical and theoretical during the lesson. Below are some of the fundamental elements in flute lesson or flute playing foundation:

  • Learning how to hold a flute, breathing & blowing embouchure for flute playing.

  • Learning parts & keys of the flute and fingering.

  • Learning the scales on the flute is the foundation to your understanding of flute’s key.

  • Learning to read flute music score is to understand the movement of fingers and fingering works.

  • Learning flute phrasing playing in a melody is to boost your music reading skills, and practice your fingers.

  • Learning to tonguing techniques for variety music styles is to open up a whole world of music to flute player of all abilities and is a worthy and attainable pursuit for everyone wanting to know how to play the flute.

Ukulele Lesson Duration

Beginner (1st year of study) – 45 minutes per week
Elementary / Intermediate – 45 minutes per week
Intermediate / Advance – 60 min per week
Basic Theory training is included in each lesson.

Ukulele Lesson Registration And Fee:

Registration Fee: RM 50.00 Waived
Registration Deposit: RM 180.00 Waived
Monthly Administration Fee: RM 25.00 per month Waived
Monthly Lesson Fee: RM 180.00 per month
Books will be recommended by your flute teacher when you starting your flute lesson.

Now taking flute lesson in Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia is easy, fun and affordable. Why wait? Register and book your flute lesson schedule now…

If you are interested on our flute lesson in Setapak KL Malaysia and want to booking or have any concerns regarding our lesson, simply fill up the form below and let us know. Our admin personnel will get back to you shortly, thank you.

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