Dream World Music is the music centre in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur area and we are ready to help you with all of your musical goals.

While you are searching the best music centre for you or your children, please consider the benefits of becoming Dream World Music student and find out why we are your only choice for music lessons in Setapak. Kuala Lumpur!

10 Benefits of becoming Dream World Music student

1. Convenience

We are located at Diamond Square Business Centre, Setapak. Just 15 minutes from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur and it nears all the dining and shopping centres.

2. One Stop Location

This saves our students time and money as once family can take multiple instruments on the same day. And we offer all 8 of the most popular instruments.

3. Qualified

We have 9 music teachers with either university training or professional performance experience. They are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals & helping you to achieve them.

4. Availability

Monday through Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm. We are ensure our flexible hours which allow us to schedule lessons hours that work best for you!

5. Excellence

We’ve been teaching students with a standard of professional integrity since 2010. A family oriented environment with over 80 students currently enrolled. Our mission is to train a new generation of musicians young and old.

6. Comfortability

Instead of waiting in a music retail store or someone’s home or shopping mall, our clients enjoy a comfortable lobby with reading materials and cubicles for studying. We also provide free WiFi and candy.

7. Watch Them Learn

We have an open policy. A parent can choose to sit in the teaching room, view the lesson through the observation mirror.

8. Teaching Music Centre

Our music centre are stocked with everything you need for lessons including pianos, guitar, amps, acoustic and more. Instruments are provided during lesson.

9. Yearly Recital

Every December our students have the options of performing in our concert. Students are not required to perform but many choose to.

10. No Hidden Fees

There is no hidden fees as we do not charge Registration Fee, Deposit & Admin Fee.