Dream World Music Center’s Mission

There is no doubt that Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia is the by-product of holding on to our passion to play music together in the early stage. And because of this, we have gone through a bumpy road that gives us insights on how music unleashes our passion. Passion that brings us over all the road blocks along the way to reach where we are today. Thus, playing a good hand of music is not really that matter most, as it is the result of the passionate learning process that brings out the best within the students. When passion is unleashed along the process, good results of music playing will follow.

To unleash passion and live an inspired life

The main purpose of Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia is to provide the resources, platform and methodology through music learning to cultivate an enthusiasm and passionate mentality and behaviour on the students. Through our experiences, by catalysing the student’s inner passion, the student will have a bottom line for his own self-satisfaction on what he wants. As a result, this makes him starts looking for how he could do better or even do the best for what he is doing. Due to the force of demand, the student’s self-confidence, self-initiative, self-discipline and responsibility are trained along the process indirectly.

As the final words on the mission of Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia, we are here as a supporting party to unleash the underlying passion within the students and cultivate them to be a better and capable person through music learning process that is easy and fun.

The reason for us to commit all the above is – we truly believe in ‘music inspires one’s life’.

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