Results of Learning Music

The ultimate goal of learning music is to cultivate a better or excellence individual, who is fun, achievements oriented, well character-developed and good self-expression.


There are always performance opportunities, such as quartet, quintet, ensemble, or band performances held in order to encourage students to participate. All these activities are fun as the students are given chances to meet, interact with and learning music performance skills from others musicians. This sole activity provides the student to harness their relation bonding capability, where they become more humor and having fun in the process.


Along the process of learning music, whether it is self-practicing, ensemble or band rehearsal, piano examination or learning music theory, the students are indirectly trained in a systematic-goal achievement environment. Every student knows their expectation of the given task, performances, homework or practices. They know that if they want to earn a grand applauds from the audience, they need to practise hard in order to produce a wonderful performance to the audience. along the process of learning music bring out the students desire or passion for achievement.


Through all the achievements along the process of learning music, music helps develop qualities of good character such as self-esteem, self-discipline, creativity, determination, and teamwork. Participating, creating, and performing in music programs contribute to a sense of pride and accomplishment. As students improve their skill, they feel better about themselves. And as they practice, they become well disciplined. All of these ultimately cultivate better leadership skills and excellence individuals.


Finally, students will express themselves of their own feeling or thinking instinctively after exposing to variety of music listening or performances. They start to have their standard or benchmark on what they do. And they know that if they want to play their favourite music to a certain extent, such as warm sound, staccato, or etc. they will express it in order to fulfil their self-satisfaction.